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Custom Oil Coolers  


Running fast or cruising slow Cheshire Manufacturing Oil Coolers provide the best possible cooling protection for the High Performance Engines and Transmissions in your custom street rods or high performance cars. Heat generated by your high performance engines and transmissions during Racing, Towing or just Cruising can drastically shorten the life of your expensive drivetrain components. Using the right coolers will help protect your investment.


Many custom built Hot Rods, Race Cars, Trucks, and Off Road vehicles, have space restrictions that limit where standard coolers can be used. With a Custom Built Oil Cooler from Cheshire Manufacturing, you can now get the cooling & protection you need.


Cheshire will build you a custom sized cooler, specifically designed for the limited space you have available, at a fraction of what you might think a custom cooler would cost!


All Cheshire coolers are manufactured with the best quality materials, exclusive three port oval tubes, heavy gauge aluminum fins, CNC produced mounting blocks, heavy integrated mounting flanges and high quality Heli-Arc welded joints.


Our Custom Fabricated Engine and Transmission Oil Coolers feature:

* Engineered for Hot Rods, Race Cars, Trucks, Campers, / RV’s, Off Road vehicles.

* High Strength, Heavy Duty Construction and Light Weight Design.

* Unique “Cool  Flow” High Performance Design with the Exclusive “Triple Flow 3 Port Tube” for more   efficient cooling.

* Super High Performance Oil Coolers provide superb protection for your Engine and / or Transmission investment.

* Custom Sizes and Configurations produced for the size you need at a Reasonable Cost.

* Each cooler is pressure tested to insure 100% integrity.


Now there is no reason to have to settle for a sub-standard cooler that doesn’t fit right, work well, or look attractive, when you can have a high quality, custom made cooler at a reasonable price.   


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            Custom Coolers In Stock:  


In addition to building coolers to any size the customer needs, We also maintain inventory of a wide range of the most common size coolers that customers request. Listed below are Cheshire Manufacturing Coolers for various applications.


       Custom Cooler Sizes in Stock


Height Length Width
16.5 inches 2.25 inches 3 inches
12.5 inches 2.25 inches 3 inches
8.5 inches 2.25 inches 3 inches



* Cheshire manufacturing is now establishing Oil Cooler distributors throughout North America and Canada, if you have an interest in becoming a distributor for our products, please contact us.