Just fill out and send us this application chart, and we will fax you price and delivery estimate on your custom manufactured cooler.  Please keep in mind that as a rule of thumb... the more cooler you design into your application, the better the coding capacity will be for your engine or transmission.  To conserver space we typically recommend a double row cooler.  For maximum efficiency mount your cooler in a location with plenty of air flow, for example in front or rear of the radiator.  Other locations may be used however may reduce the effectiveness of your cooler.
Application Information: (Please check one:)     Engine Oil Cooler:   Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler:

Cooler Thickness:    (Please check one:)    Single Row: 1.5 inches thick    Double Row: 3 inches thick 

    *All coolers are produced in increments of 1.5 inches thick, per tube row.  A double row cooler is 3 inches thick and provides almost twice the cooling capacity in half the length and width space.

Over all Cooler Length and Width Dimensions:    Please list the size cooler you would like to have produced:

Cooler Length:inches.  Available Space (Length) :inches.

Cooler Width:inches.  Available Space (Width) :inches.

    *Coolers are typically produced in 2.250 inch width increments permitting the inlet and outlets to be located in the base.  (...for example... standard cooler widths cone in 2.250, 4.500, 6.750, 9.00, 11.250, 13.500, 15.570, 18.0, 20.250, inch widths, etc.)  If you are not sure of the cooler dimensions you need, please list the "Available Space" you would like your cooler to fit, and we will make a size suggestions.

Flange dimensions and configurations:    (Please check one:)     Standard Flange Mounts    Special Size Mounts

    *Most custom coolers are designed with 2 standard mounting flanges the width of the single or double tubes, and utilize 5/16" mounting bolts.  Custom flanges are available in any width, with or without mounting holes upon request.  (Please note any special requirements you have below, and provide a sketch of the special flange mounts you would like to have produced.)

Inlet & Outlets: Standard inlet and outlets are located in 2 different locations on the cooler base, and incorporate 1/2 inch "NPT" threads and swivel mounts.  If you require a different thread or fitting configuration, please note your requirements here:

Please give us your contact information so we can get back to you with the information you requested:



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If your application has other special requirements, please note the details above and include a sketch along with this application page.  Fax your request to: 203-272-3587... or mail to: Cheshire Manufacturing, 312 East Johnson Ave, Cheshire, CT 06410.  If you have any questions you may contact us at: 203-272-3586 or email us

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